'The Name' in the British Museum
A 90-minute tour featuring the actual Name, its meaning and its relevance to us all.

This NEW tour features the grammatical relevance and meaning of God's actual Name as revealed in Scripture and featured in the museum.

This tour shows deeply the amazing real meaning of God's Name both grammatically and Scripturally, and how it differs from the popularly used titles for God; also how and why He acts in style! It is presented on Saturdays at 11.35pm (promptly, by advance booking only) but can also be presented on request (by email) at any time if your own group is 15 or more people (automatic special rate for groups) and our JW British Museum guides are available. Read the unsolicited testimonials!

  • 'The Name' tour in the British Museum
  • 90-minutes, 11.35am Saturdays. Pre-book at least 5 days ahead.
  • £14.50 per adult with different rates for families, groups and specials.
  • Accompanied children, age up to 15yrs, free.
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  • A 55-minute Bible Highlights Tour of the museum, followed by a 1.5 hour guided Walking Tour of Central London and a 40-minute River Thames boat ride with commentary.
  • £45 per adult/£10 per child (u15) with special rates for families and groups
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Other languages, special versions and tours on different days can be arranged but may cost more, and the guide's attendance is not guaranteed (full refund would apply). If you fail to turn up, we will refund the payment less admin, guide & exchange fees (if applicable). Just let us know by email if you have any special requests.

Gods Name in the British Museum

What does God's Name actually mean?