Optional preparation for the kids tour:
This is not required, but the children may benefit more if they are able to do one or two of the activities listed below.

  • Watch the Caleb and Sophia video "Jehovah Will Help You Be Bold" provided and owned by Jehovah's Witnesses.
  • Draw, paint or make the man with the idol on the necklace from the video above (you can show your tour guide and group).
  • Print out or digitally use this worksheet during the tour click this link.
  • Read about the first plague in Egypt (Lesson 19 - "Lessons You Can Learn From the Bible").
  • Read about Jonah (Lesson 54 - "Lessons You Can Learn From the Bible").
  • Read about Nehemiah (Lesson 67 - "Lessons You Can Learn From the Bible").
  • You can also draw any other Bible characters or scenes mentioned above, and you can share this with your group at the end of the tour.

We do not expect anyone to do all of the above. Nobody will be put on the spot or have their knowledge tested, this is all optional. We provide this so that the children can make the most of the special tour designed for them.

We hope to see you soon!

More information about the kids tour can be found on the booking page.

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