In 1912 there was an Open Day at the British Museum when over 300 convention delegates were treated to a 2-hour tour of the most famous artefacts. Seven guides were trained by a brother who worked at the museum, and they also regularly presented these tours for about 4 years afterwards, with sessions usually at 10am and 2pm on a Saturday. 'Bible Tours' still follows this pattern today, with added weekdays and languages too (see ).

In 1969 there was a series of 6 self-guided Bible tours made available to delegates at the Wembley convention. This set was later used as the basis for two of the tours presented by our own team, when Jack House and later his son Derek started leading congregation groups on weekend Bethel trips to London. At around the same time, the late Emmanuel Zervides of Meander Travel enthusiastically started presenting many more Bible tours every Saturday, and the two teams worked loosely together for many years.

Other teams of Jehovah's Witnesses also began in the 1980s offering Bible tours, including Rocky Scrimshire of Bethel Coach Tours in the USA and also Oasis Tours for the MetArt in New York.

Paris too saw the start of Bible tours in the 1990s, with Macy Mah and her team offering a variety of Louvre and city tours.

British Museum JW Bible Tours


Bible tours throughout the week in many languages. Free self-guiding tours available also in some museums.

New York MetArt Bible Tours


Bible tours in the Metropolitan Art Museum of New York; most Saturdays and Sundays. Some famous Egyptian artefacts!

Louvre Museum JW Bible Tours


Bible tours in the Louvre as well as through Paris; by advance arrangement. Operated by Macy Mah.