Tours, Transport & Accommodation in the USA
Bible and Bethel tours mostly in New York State

We can help you find JW tours, Transport and Accommodation for museums and Bethels in the USA, including world headquarters! Here are three options:

  • Option One: To book transport to Bethels and other museum sites, one of the easiest options is using 'Bethel and City Tours' online booking system, click this link.
  • Option Two: If you need accommodation, here is a list of some lodging options provided by 'Friends in Warwick', click this link.
  • Option Three: Join a regularly organised theocratic trip to the USA. You will be part of a JW group that will organise transport, accommodation and tours at the Bethel, museums and other sites. This is organised by 'Bethel Coach Tours' who have been doing this since 1988, click this link.
  • Met Art New York Museum Bible tour

    Detailed explanations of ancient artefacts.

    New York Bible tour artefact

    Fascinating insights into ancient Egyptian and Babylonian beliefs.