A free guided tour at the incredibly inspirational permanent exhibition of the world's most creative person, William Morris.

Wallpapers, prolific writing of poetry, prose and books (more than Shakespeare!), fine art, fabrics, furniture, idealistic cottage industries... William Morris, as one of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelites and the Arts & Crafts movements is truly one of the greatest artists, writers and designers of all time.
Linking with a 3-day Betheltours weekend tour to London, this is a fine way to widen your horizons, educate the children, and build on your desire for a 'new world'.

William Morris Arts and Crafts Gallery at Walthamstow

Why not email us about organising a 3-day congregation weekend in London, to incorporate this tour or others. We can arrange absolutely everything except collecting the names and payment.

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  • William Morris Gallery

    Free admission to the official Arts & Crafts museum, featuring poetry, furniture, printing, fabrics, prose, arts and crafts, pure cottage industry.