London Tours
Prophetic fulfilment, famous locations and world-class museums

As the capital city of one half of the Anglo-American dual world power, London has an important place in fulfilment of Bible prophecy.

Our tours cover famous sites and key parts of the city, as well as exhibits in some of London's most famous museums. Tours of the city include fascinating facts about London's history and how London relates to Bible prophecy. We can show you the sights of Westminster, the Thames, Buckingham Palace, Kensington, the Natural History Museum and Greenwich. Or maybe you just want a Bible tour in the British Museum.

A City Tour is the sight-seeing bit, fully guided by our pioneer guides, and usually part of another museum or weekend tour. Generally using either your coach or ours. A Personalised Tour is best if your time in London is limited. Include whatever you wish, or use our standard theocratic itinerary. We can take group sizes from 1 to 48. The British Library is undoubtedly the most famous collection of Bibles and manuscripts in the world. Come and learn of the courage of many Bible translators and producers. The Natural History Museum is the base for a 55-minute Bible tour looking at Evolution versus Creation. Also we offer a short free Introductory Tour there as part of other London tours, if asked. Greenwich is the place for our "Time, Travel & Truth" Bible tour, which includes Flamsteed House, Observatory and the Harrison clocks. Also there will be the new "King of the South" Bible tour, featuring items related to the development of the British Empire, displayed in the Maritime Museum. All of these tours require a minimum of 15 persons; you may be able to join an existing group; enquire here

We offer personalised tours for small and large groups. If you want to bring the whole congregation, we can provide coach transport or bring your own. Make a weekend of it, and include a visit to Bethel. Find out more at our sister website

Bible tours in London for Jehovah's Witnesses

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