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Be prepared and alert to specific procedures.

Staying Safe in London (Click here)

Emergency Information (Click here)

Click the above links to see some official guidance on staying safe in London. The most likely targets for violence are large groups of people in an easily accessible position, so the British Museum has quite strict security throughout, as does the city generally. There is a Security search at the entrance to the museum, so its best to avoid taking a bag if possible. Allow extra time for this.
Stay very vigilant to your surroundings and don't use headphones while walking around either INSIDE or outside the museum.
Be sure to have email notifications active on your smartphone, as this is the most likely method we will use to contact you (unless you have an active UK-based cellphone Simm).
In your tour Confirmation we automatically include a safer procedure for entering the museum, which will save time as well. Our guides are also trained in alertness and an emergency procedure.

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