The latest automatic verified reviews are listed here [click here] for the Grand Tour, and reviews and here [click here] for the Bible Highlights Tour... and there's hundreds more older messages like these below, going back many years!

(March 2019) Our tour guide was Anthony. He was clear and understandable. He was personable and made everything he told us easy to remember.  10 out of 10!  ... Eve Jessica and Tik.

(March 2019) Our museum guide was Anthony. Can't think of anything he could do to improve. He had vast knowledge. Spoke very clearly and answered all question satisfactorily. Brilliant experience. Maureen.

Thankyou for a lovely weekend in London... Jack's decided he's going to Bethel! ... This is our third year in a row... and you never fail to deliver!!!

His guiding skills made all present feel relaxed and we have a much better knowledge of London now! As a Congregation we feel on a bit of a spiritual high and already a few of us talking of a New York Bethel trip so watch this space!

In the group we had two unbelieving husbands and one of them [name] said to me that he has been thinking about having a study and now he definitely made his mind up to have one. He was very impressed. I thought that was lovely.

Once we get settled, we will send a proper thank you for your outstanding tour with a few pictures. Well done, I can't imagine a better way to see London than with a loving Brother who knows the history and the significance of the museum and the city.

Thank you very much once more for the wonderful Bible tour, which we made at the 29th of October at the British Museum. Thank you for the perfect organization. Please send many greetings to Ken who did this great tour with us.

"We went on the Bible tour today and had a fabulous time! The information, the history and the details that were given were far superior to any other tour we have taken. We thank you for the opportunity to do this tour and for the chance to meet such lovely brothers and sisters! Brother Ken, Sisters Kylie, Lidia, Diana, and Maria were all excellent and took great care and interest in us and our children. Thanks again for this wonderful experience that we will share with our brothers back in Oz!"

"What a fantastic experience at the British Museum with Ken and Dianna as the tour guides. So much bible knowledge along with incredible history. Anyone studying the Bible will benefit from these tours. Interactive tours such as these are vital for accurate Bible knowledge." March 2015

(With blind brother on special tour, with relatives); "Okailey adapted the tour so well describing colour and shapes and Diana followed in similar vein. The result was overwhelming to all concerned with tears of appreciation from all present!” Apr 2015

"I would just like to pass my thanks on to Okailey and the other sisters that covered our tour for us. They made Clare (my study) and her brother (Paul) so welcome and paid them extra attention. They both thoroughly enjoyed the day and without question so did Janet and myself. I would appreciate it if you could pass on my thanks to them. Christian love." (April 2015)

"We recently had the pleasure of meeting Okaleigh and Maria on the amazing Bible tour they gave us. Thankyou, we all had a fantastic time, the knowledge and enthusiasm they both had made it even more enjoyable and we so appreciated how they took their time and included the children as much as they could... I would love her to come and stay with us anytime... Thankyou." March 2015

"... wonderful! What a nice time with your lovely guides! Everything was perfect. Are we already in the new world? Yes we were for few days ! Thank you to all of you to provide such marvellous moments. We will keep these souvenirs for a long time. It was very encouraging for all of us. Special thanks to Ellice, Betty and Okailey (very efficient for her first steps in french guiding ! No hesitation to use her again)... With a growing love for all our brotherhood family" From Toulouse group; Apr 2015

"Bryan and I want to let you know how much we enjoyed the tour with Ken, Maria and Diana. Thank you for all your help in making it happen. Definitely a conspiracy of circumstances that you had to contend with! We loved the tour and the team. Highly recommend. Thanks again for your help and support." Apr 2015

[July 2015] We have just come back from our trip .... comming to a conclusion, that the strongest and the most faith building moment was that at the British Museum with You. We only wish we could learn more from You, spend some more time listening to Your splendid comments and true revelations to us. Thank You ever so much. We are very grateful to You - You have put life to museum objects we have read about in the past in our literature, but never have "felt" their meaning so strongly. Jehova is certainly mostly satisfied with Your work and love that You show towards Your brothers and sisters from all over the world. We are so happy and gratefull to have the honour to be His Witnesses and thus become a spiritual relative to such wonderful and generous persons like You. We hope we will get the opportunity to come and see You again at some other Bible tour that You offer. If You would consider visiting [our area], please accept our invitation - we would love to tkae care of You and show You around.

[non-JW]: "Just a note to thank your organisation for a brilliant tour on Saturday. We found your guide very friendly and welcoming and encouraged us all to participate with our opinions and comments. We were fortunate to join a knowledgeable group of Euro neighbors that gave their opinions, and participated in our lively discussions during the tour. My wife and I will certainly come back again to use your touring service. The British museum contains a vast source of evidence to the reliability of the Bible. Well done and keep up the good work." (Jan 2016)

"Please can you pass my thanks to Ken and Deanna who took me on an amazing trip around the British museum.It was very interesting and now I have to find time to do the other 9 trips.! They were both wonderful and will recommend to family and friends to go on the trips. thankyou again Annemarie. (Feb 2016)

"Hello! This is sister Hannah and Min! [Korea] Hello, we were so happy to attend Bible Tour (we took this tour on Feb 23.) We will introduce a lot of brothers and sisters about the Tour!! In fact, this tour was highly recommand from another brother!! Brother said, this tour is the best one!! Thank you so much! " Feb 2016

"You’ve all been so amazing. I’m so happy to have met you. Words really cant express the overwhelming amount of thankfulness I feel! We love each and every one of you so much! xxxxx"

[June 2016] [non-JW] "It was wonderful to meet you at the British museum on Tuesday morning. Thank you for allowing me to join your group. Not only was it informative but you also have a wealth of knowledge of early history and the Bible... As I mentioned to you I know it wasn't a coincidence that our paths crossed. It was a Divine appointment and an answer to prayer. I had an open schedule and could have gone anywhere in London. I didn't even know about the British museum till the night before and had no intention of visiting it at all. I was actually on my way to the RAF museum. I cant wait to get back to London to meet up with you again."

[June 2016] "I wanted to send a note to tell you how much I enjoyed the Grand Tour with Ken. He was a delightful, well informed, talented guide who quickly took the individuals in our group and made us a loving, joyful team of brothers. His skillful use of questions allowed us to have input. Plus he listened to all of our comments and questions. It was marvelous to have such a faithful brother show us artifacts from the ancient world. We previously went with Meander but they stopped doing the bible tours. I will recommend this tour to all my friends and anyone who even thinks about taking a trip to London. This was extremely faith strengthening and eye opening. I look forward to my next visit."

On Thursday morning we were taken on a 2 hour tour around the British Museum by Ken. It was a real privilege to listen to Ken bringing the museum to life. Cant tell you how much me and my son Josh enjoyed it. It is the best tour I have ever taken. Ken's knowledge combined with his humour gave us a vivid experience and we learnt such a lot. A very faith strengthening experience.

[Aug 2016] "As a family we would like to express our appreciation and thanks to our guide, Ugne, who made the tour of the museum lively and very informative. She made our two girls of 11 and 9 feel very involved and "did not use large complicated words which we could not understand" (Héloise, 9). We certainly learned things we had never considered before and came away with a greater appreciation for what is recorded in the Bible, and that we should not be tempted to skip over "details". It was also a pleasure to meet fellow brothers and sisters from Britain, USA and South Africa on our tour. Thanks again!"

[Dec 2016] "We did the tour on Tuesday and thoroughly enjoyed it. We went with Matt and he did a wonderful job and kept my two sons engaged the whole time. The information he shared was very interesting and I think my sons will remember it for a long time. I just wanted to thank you for putting these tours together for the brothers and sisters, visitors like myself really appreciate it." Aloha from Kauai, Hawaii.

[Jan 2017, from London travel professional; frequent bookings] "8 guests staying ... are coming for the tour tomorrow with Ken. They are very excited. Your tours are the best."

[Jan 2017 very large group] "You will be pleased to hear that after a great deal of planning and anticipation we all managed to get to the Museum yesterday. I cannot say how pleased I am that Ken came round to meet us by the coach park and helped to guide us to an appropriate place to start the tours!! ... We had Matt as our tour guide (in our batch of 10 people) and he was outstanding. He explained things in a clear and easy-to-understand way. We were in a mixed group of young and old but all people were included in the discussion. We were all so engrossed ...! Thanks to Matt and you guys for organising the event."

[Jan 2017] "I'm not sure if you remember me but my name is Jessinia Pickering. My husband, Dwayne, and I toured London with you in March of last year ['Full City Tour with Grand Tour']. I wanted to thank you for the extraordinary love you showed us that day. It was actually on that trip that Dwayne personally dedicated himself to Jehovah. And It is with a humble and appreciative heart that I'm able to tell you that Dwayne symbolized his dedication by baptism this past Sunday at our circuit assembly here in Conyers, [Georgia]. I'm eternally grateful to all of Jehovah's people that showed him so much love over the years.

[from non-JWs, Feb 2017] Me and my friends want to share with you a great expirance we had when we joined the group which Ken was their guide. Ken was great!!!! We learned a lot. He was interesting and I studied from him more than at all the time in school. He is the best! (name)[from...] Israel

"Two days ago, I joined Christine O'Lone and her traveling companion Candy at the British Museum (the same day they arrived from California). I wanted to compliment sister Ugne for a wonderful, scholarly tour. I am a retired university librarian and my speciality is ancient history. Both Ugne and Ken, doing a parallel tour, were excellent." (March 2017)

"I just wanted to say also the kiddies tour with Angie was amazing!! We could have walked round with her for another hour at least! The kids were not bored and we were walking round for over an hour so that says a lot!" (May 2017)

"My name is (-). I am 20 years old, from the United States, and am currently in the (-) congregation. My mum and I had the privilege to attend one of the bible tours in August 2016. We had such an amazing, enlightening, and faith strengthening bible tour. Okailey, our tour guide, brilliantly articulated the information to our group. She truly brought the bible to life and made an effort to get to know everyone in our group. I am typing this today with the hope that she will somehow read this email. I would like for her to know how much she impacted me, as a young person, to make the truth my own. If at all possible, I would love for her to reach me at my email: (-) ... Thank you so much for your time and may Jehovah continue to bless you. Agape," (June 2017)

"Thank you for a wonderful tour today! We were very delighted to have Paula as our tour guide. We especially liked the way she interactively guided us throughout the Bible tour at British Museum. Her insight, knowledge and humor made the tour a faith strengthening and lively experience! We will be visiting again! [names] from Finland and Germany" (Aug 2017)

"I would like to take the time to say what an excellent tour guide Paula was!! She was amazing! So professional and knowledgeable on the wonderful Bible tour at the British Museum in London!It was our first time there so she went out of her way to make us feel welcome and comfortable in every way! He knowledge of history and the different areas in the huge museum was beyond superior! Afterwards she took time to show us some sites we were interested in and had lunch with us which was so very kind of her. She realized we felt a little lost in London and there was a yearly huge bike race going on which was quite exciting but a little daunting at the same time:-) She put us on the tube best way to get back to the hotel and went above and beyond her duties as the wonderful tour guide of the beautiful British museum! She made our first time in London so memorable and I couldn't help but ship a gift over to her that is on its way today!! Thank you again for providing Paula for our very Special tour guide!! Agape, [names]. (Aug 2017)"

"We visited the British museum April 28. The tour was absolutely wonderful. Our tour guide was Paula. She did fantastic. We appreciated her deep knowlege, pictures and willingness to answer our questions. Being both knowlegable and warm is very important. You brothers and sisters work hard for us and it is so to our benefit. Jehovahs blessing is certainly on all of you. Your sister... (Aug 2017)"

"I just wanted to let you know what a great time we had! My friend and I traveled from Norway and took the tour Tuesday. Ken was there early to meet us and is quite the seasoned pro. It was such a treat to see him train [a new guide]! She was fantastic and such a natural. I've already recomended this tour to many friends. I really enjoyed that they're not just showing us things but sharing things that we can use in the field ministry. It was interactive as well which made what they shared stick in my mind ... you two made the Bible come alive. Really, well done!" (Aug 2017)

"I just wanted to take this time and briefly tell you how awesome this tour has been. Our guide Ken Charlton is a walking history book! My son and I flew from California especially for this tour and we were not disappointed! I would make this journey every six months if I could. Thank you so much and thank you Ken."

"My husband and I had a Full City Tour on October 29 with Veno. We just wanted you to know how much we loved Veno! His understanding of history as it relates to Jehovah’s purpose is outstanding. We could’ve listened to him for hours!!!! We learned so much from him and highly recommend him as one of your guides. Thank you so much for putting this program together!"

"We went on the grand tour back in November, with Ken. We are so grateful for the gift of the tour and how it was delivered. It enhanced the depth of our scriptural and secular knowledge and certainly strengthened our faith in our great God Jehovah. We eagerly look forward to bringing our family, sometime in the spring. A huge thank you to you all. "

"A truly educational tour and a highlight of my time in London. Don't miss it. "

"We wanted to express our appreciation for the tours you have organized at the British Museum.  They are top-notch!  We were in London during February and experienced your Grand Tour and a new edition (sic), God’s Name.  Our guide, Matt, proved to be extremely knowledgeable and had an endearing way of capturing and keeping our attention from beginning to end. We hope you will add more tours to your present register as we are sure they will continue to be in high demand!!"

"Good afternoon brothers this has been my second tour guided by Ken and each time I've learned something new. Ken is amazing and explain things (consider that I'm italian) in a fantastic way and for me very clear. He creates also an amazing athmosphere among the group we all exchange our telephone number for staying in touch. All the tour is so interesting but my favourite part was about Egyptian. I love Ken humour!!!! And next time I will come to London surely I will do another tour... of course with Ken. Thanks for everything!"

"Our eyes were opened to see how widespread pagan symbols are in false religion throughout history and even into our day. (Even more than we already knew and could imagine). There are so many things to link the Bible with history, it is amazing. [the guide] really brought the items to life and shared why they are relevant. We had a wonderful time!"

"I just wanted to inform you that our tour guide, Veno, was amazing. He was enthusiastic and informative. My husband and I walked away from our tour with greater faith in the accuracy of Bible and we couldn’t stop talking about the things we learned!"

"Hey, Thank you for having this kind of tours, it was amazing, me and my friends felt like we wanted to deep study together when we got home! Me and my four girlfriends booked our tour from Sweden thought it was great and faith strenghing, it even put us to tears. Veno had our tour. It was heartwarming to see him put all of his heart in his guiding, you could really see that he loved what he was doing. It isn’t easy to speak in front of people you don’t know, and to keep their attention for two hours , but it was no problem for Veno, that’s tremendously. I’ve been to one tour before four years ago, and I remember how beautiful it was. If I could I would have visited more often, but what I can do is recommend this tour for everyone. I just want to thank you guys a lot for putting you time and effort in this education system! "

"I would like to thank your guide VENO for an excellent tour yesterday. I've just returned to jehovah and how he explain it all was 5 star and rekindle my faith."

"I just wanted to say what a wonderful experience we had on our Bible Tour. Our tour guide Veno was brilliant! We really enjoyed his way of teaching and explaining and was a lot of fun to be with. It was very faith strengthening  and encouraging for my wife, children, and myself. It was the highlight of our vacation. We look forward to doing one again if ever given the chance."

"Grand Tour ... Our tour guide was brother Ken. ... very encouraged and our faith was built-up ... We loved his enthusiasm and knowledge. ... he looked for an opportunity to preach informally to those around us by including them ... the tour definitely exceeded our expectations and we are booking another tour (the one that includes a tour of the city of London) on our way back through UK. May Jehovah bless all your efforts in spreading the Good News and in strengthening the faith of our brothers."