Grand Tour of British Museum
A 2-hour comprehensive JW bible-based tour

This JW Bible tour includes most of the notable and useful artefacts in the British Museum that will assist with your personal study, faith and ministry.

London's most popular Bible tour team will explore the links between the pagan practices of the Egyptians and the religious rites of Christendom today; visit the gates of an Assyrian city and head towards the land of Mesopotamia! Your group will also explore the origins of language and writing, before seeing some specific, and truly amazing, ancient artefacts that will strengthen your faith in the Bible's historical and prophetic records.

This tour lasts about 2 hours, with a short comfort break halfway if needed.

It will be presented by one of our 30+ Bible Tours theocratic guides, all are local Jehovah's Witnesses who have been selected and trained because of their passion for Bible history, and excellent teaching skills.

As you would expect, there is a modest cost for our tours. To see why, please read this article: Why do we charge for the tours?

This tour is also available in many other languages

The Grand Tour, our most popular tour, takes place at least every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Booking in advance is essential for all tours, you can do so online. See the weekly schedule here. We would also be happy to make special arrangements for you if needed, just let us know by email.

Come as smart as you can, but we understand that you may have travelled a good distance to get to the British Museum in London, therefore it not reasonable to enforce a dress code, we want you to be comfortable and enjoy the experience. You are welcome to take notes and please bring a Bible. Be ALERT in London; watch this video.

  • Grand Tour of the British Museum
  • 2-hour tour
  • Usually £17 per adult (age 15+) with other rates for families, groups and special full time servants.
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  • Also Available ...
  • A condensed 90 minute Highlights Tour of the museum, followed by a 1.5 hour guided Walking Tour of Central London and a 40-minute River Thames boat ride with commentary.
  • £45 per adult (age 15+) and £15 per child, with other rates for families, groups and special full time servants.

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london JW bible tour group

Top: Meet brothers and sisters from around the world on this extremely popular tour.
Centre: Interactive guiding
Below: The famous Cyrus Cylinder
Bottom: Gold headdress from Ur

london JW bible tour group