This is our current list of JW Bible tours presented using Zoom, with various themes:

Bible Highlights Tour
A 1-hour look at some highlights from the British Museum in London.

This tour is fresh and faith-building. It is exceptionally popular with brothers and sisters from around the world. This is a free tour, with a £1.50 admin fee per adult.

We have designed this tour specifically to encourage our brothers and sisters around the world to keep going and strengthen their faith during this unusual time.

We will consider what we believe are the most important artefacts in the museum from a Biblical viewpoint. Starting with the Egyptians and finishing in the first century, this is a fascinating journey through time to bring the Bible alive.

Individuals and small groups can book online here.

Groups of 15 and more can place their request online here.

Please note that there is a very high demand, we are very sorry if you have to wait to book.

Africa Creation Safari
Join us virtually for a 1-hour Bible Safari in the heart of the wilderness of South Africa!

This tour examines why nature proves we must have a Creator and what we can learn from Bible accounts where these wild African animals are mentioned.

There is a £4 per connection charge, this makes it as low cost as possible for families to attend the tour. The tour is one hour and will be interactive in small groups via Zoom. The qualified JW nature guide will be live from their home (right next to Kruger National Park), and they will use videos and pictures to guarantee sightings of some very rare animals that are prominently mentioned in the Bible.

Please book online here.

Unfortunately, due to limited availability, this tour can only be booked online. Please do not email to book the safari.

We are very sorry if you have to wait to book this experience.

Foreign Language Online Tours
We are working hard to present all tours in as many languages as possible

French: please click here.

Spanish: please click here.

Portuguese: please click here.

Italian: please click here.

Mandarin: please email us directly.

Nepali: please email us directly.

Please note that there is a very high demand and small availability for these tours, we are very sorry if you have to wait for your tour.

We are doing our best to release more languages online soon, all announcements are made on our Instagram and on this website.

Zoom tour of the British Museum

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