Origin of Christendom's Beliefs
A 55-minute Bible tour exploring pagan roots of many beliefs

Focussing on the Egypt gallery of the British Museum, this Bible tour explores some of the beliefs and practices of the Egyptians that have been adopted and adapted by Christendom.

This ground-floor Bible tour is especially useful in your JW ministry. Many tenets of Christendom's churches have pagan origins from Egypt and Babylon, including belief in an immortal soul, worship of trinities, worship of the cross, worship of a mother figure. Our experienced guides are all faithful baptised Jehovah's Witnesses, most serving as pioneers or elders.

This popular Bible tour is very popular with our visiting theocratic JW brothers... currently we only present it to groups of 15 or more, usually on Saturdays as part of a 3-day weekend congregation Bethel trip; but it can be presented on request at any other time if you have a group of 15 or more, and our British Museum guides are available (your group may need to cover their cost to come in specially). Note that most content of this tour is also incorporated into our “Grand Tour of the British Museum”, presented every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Egypt gallery

Explore the Egypt gallery

Grave arch from Egypt

Egyptian tombs were built to be inhabited by immortal souls
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