Origin of Writing & Language
A 55-minute Bible tour corroborating the Bible record

Exploring the Mesopotamian galleries you will discover the origin of language as described in the Bible book of Genesis.

Scholars agree that some of the earliest fully-formed languages originate from Mesopotamia around the same period described in Genesis. Our experienced theocratic guides are all faithful baptised Jehovah's Witnesses, most serving as pioneers or elders. On your tour, you will learn about these developments in some detail, and then see amazing examples of early writing that corroborate Bible accounts and are lastingly faith-building... you’ll be talking about it for weeks!

This popular Bible tour is completely free of charge and very popular with visiting brothers and sisters from around the world... currently we only present it to groups of 15 or more, usually on Saturdays as part of a 3-day weekend congregation Bethel trip; but it can be presented on request at any other time if sufficient numbers come, and our British Museum guides are available (your group may need to cover their cost to come in specially). Booking well in advance is highly recommended to be sure of a place. Note that some of the content of this tour is also incorporated into our “Grand Tour of the British Museum”, presented every Saturday. Just email us to enquire about these tours.

ashurbanipal flood tablet mention

Ashurbanipal said he could read writing 'from before the flood'

Ashurbanipal's ancient library

Part of Ashurbanipal's massive ancient library