Modular compact guided tour of London
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After this, you'll know London!

 Part 1: "Extended Bible Highlights tour of the British Museum" The 'Full City Tour' starts (usually at 10.30am) with this highly useful 90 minute Bible tour... our guides are mostly pioneers, Bethelites or elders. This is a great compact way to enjoy and learn about the real London, especially near the start of your UK stay. Followed by...

Part 2: "London City Centre Walking Tour" - then take a lovely guided leisurely tour through the most famous bits of London, (with a short ride on a red London bus [using your existing ticket; see below]) including a Royal Park with many types of ducks, birds and squirrels. This is approx 90 minutes long, but can be modified in many ways. Much of the tour can be enjoyed just seated on park benches and fountains... we have kept the walking to a minimum, but there is a slightly longer version if you are keen (with the same commentary). Please let us know well in advance though if you are not good at walking, and we can plan accordingly. Followed by...

Part 3: Boat trip on the Thames - at the end of the Walking Tour you'll be by the river, so we include a brilliant leisurely ride on a huge 500-seat catamaran cruiser through the most famous sights of London, with commentary on many famous sites. This is approx 40 minutes long. The boat fare is included in our tour price*. Children (age 5-15) are just £15 each including the boat fare. Bookings now close about 5 days prior to the tour. A small London-bus fare will also be payable by contactless card, Oyster or Day Travelcard. (Also available in French and Spanish : ask us before booking.)

*You can choose to take the ticket from our guide (English only) and use it on a different day if you prefer.

  • Full City Tour includes...
  • 90-minute "Extended Bible Highlights of the British Museum" tour
  • 1.5-hour Walking Tour of Central Royal London
  • 40-minute River Thames boat trip with commentary
  • Online: £45 adult/£15 child (age 5-15) with lower rates for families/groups. 5 days notice needed. Other days by special arrangement will cost more. A small bus fare will also be payable by contactless card, Oyster or Day Travelcard (our guide will assist if necessary).
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