Thank you for your interest in making a large group booking (for 8 or more adults) for an in-person tour. Please read the following notes carefully.

If you are a group of less than 8 adults, please book through our regular booking system.

For groups of 8 or more adults the prices are as follows:

  • 8 adults at £17.50 each
  • 9 adults at £16.25 each
  • 10 adults at £15 each
  • 11 adults at £14.25 each
  • 12 adults at £13.50 each
  • 13 adults at £13 each
  • 14 or more adults at £12 each
  • Children (age 5-15) are always at £6 each.
  • Under 5s are free.
  • Group of 20 adults and 3 children. (This size of group would be split in half and go with 2 guides.)
  • 20 adults at £12 each = £240
  • 3 children at £6 each = £18
  • TOTAL = £258
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This pricing applies to the 2 hour Grand Tour and the 2 hour "The Truth Will Set You Free" Tour.

Our guides are paid by Bible Tours. This is different to some other tour companies where the guides are unpaid. Costs are high in London and therefore Bible Tours ensure the brothers and sisters who are our guides are paid a reasonable amount for their time and effort in providing these faith strengthening tours. You can give a voluntary tip on the day if you choose, however there is no obligation to do this. The guides appreciate your generosity.

To see more information about why we charge, please click here.

Usually, we limit each tour group to approximately 14 people so that everyone can participate and enjoy a high quality tour. However, we are happy to accommodate groups of any size, so please request any number and we can hopefully make arrangements. Bring your congregation along if you want to! Please note we may need to split your group up with a few different guides.

If you have any other questions, please see our FAQ here, or email the team at