Please find below a list of our most frequently asked questions for our in-person tours. If you don't find the answer to your question here, contact us.

Currently the Grand Tour is scheduled every week for Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings at 10:45am. The Full City Tour is also available every week on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Other dates and times vary from week to week but will show on the booking page.
If the date/time you want is not displayed then we can often make a special arrangement. Please email [email protected] with your request.
We can often make a special arrangement to add a specific date/time. Please email [email protected] with your request. We will need to know your requested date, time, and how many people you would like to book.
You can click here to book the Grand Tour.
You can click here to book the Full City Tour.
If the date/time you want is not displayed then we can often make a special arrangement. Please email [email protected] with your request.
Please check the spam or junk folder in your email first, you should have received an email with a confirmation after booking online. If you still cannot find it, please email [email protected].
In your confirmation email you should have received your guide's mobile number. Please message them directly and advise them of your situation. They will liase with you depending on the situation and the rest of the group.
Please remember if you message them after the tour start time they may not be able to reply as they may already be presenting the tour.
We are sorry if you were not able to join us. Please email [email protected] and the team would be happy to help.
Please email [email protected] and the team would be happy to help. Please avoid last-minute cancellations if possible.
Please email us with the details and we can cancel and refund the spaces to free them up for someone else to use.
To add people, you could try and book the extra people online as a separate booking.
If it shows as ‘FULL’, you can email us with your request and we will endeavour to fulfil these requests where possible. Please remember to allow us plenty of time to respond to your email.
This means all our tours are full. However we are regularly adding new dates, so please try again. Or you can email us with your request.
We try and keep our tour groups to around 12 people. If there is space on the day the guide may be able to take payment and add you there and then. However this does depend on the guide and availability.
There are no rules, but we ask everyone to maintain a dignified Christian conduct by dressing in a respectful manner.
The Grand Tour is £19.50 (GBP) per adult, and £4 (GBP) per child aged 5-15. Under 5's are free.
The Full City Tour is £65 (GBP) per adult, and £35 (GBP) per child up to age 15.
You can check the exchange rate by clicking here.
Our booking system accepts payments via credit/debit cards (Stripe) and also via PayPal.
If you need to make payment another way, please email us, but please use the regular online system where possible.
Our guides are all baptised Jehovah's Witnesses, mostly in full-time service. They have all received extensive training to guide our tours, and many of the team have been involved for years.
Click here to find more information about our guides.
You are welcome to do so. You can a make voluntary tip on the day if you choose, however there is no obligation to do this. The guides appreciate your generosity.
Branch facilities do not organise Bible tours in secular museums, however some of our guides were used by the branch to present tours for international conventions in the British Museum.
Please note our tours are not designed to replace any aspect of regular worship or spiritual instruction. We do not use any images or copyright material found in the publications or on for obvious reasons.
We conduct these tours alongside other commercial tour groups, in line with any direction from the organisation.
Grand Tour click here for details.
Full City Tour click here for details.
Kids Tour email us for details.
Origin of Christendom Tour email us for details.
More themes are coming soon! You can keep up to date on our Instagram @bibletours, or you can subscribe to our newsletter.
The Grand Tour is 2 hours. The Full City Tour is approximately 5 hours. The exact details are listed on the booking page of each tour.
We try and keep our tour groups to approximately 12 people, plus the guide. This way, everyone can hear the guide and follow the group easily.
We would be happy to arrange a private tour. Please email [email protected] with your request and we will be pleased to make a special arrangement for your group. Please let us know your preferred date and time and number of people.
No. All of our tours are presented live by one of our experienced guides, so you can benefit from explanations that relate the artefacts to the Bible.
We would love to have you join us on a virtual tour. Please click here to see our virtual tour themes.
We offer many languages and hope to feature more soon. Please click this link to see the list.
You are welcome to bring well behaved children. The Grand Tour is 2 hours long and is designed for adults but children are welcome. Many do join along with their parents and enjoy it very much.
If you are interested in booking a Kids tour specifically, please email us and we will do our best to make arrangements.
You can click here to read about the museum's accessibility. If you need special assistance or are in a wheelchair then please let our team know when you book so we can ensure the guide is aware of your individual situation.
There are restaurants and cafeterias inside the British Museum, as well as many local cafes in the area.
You are not allowed to eat inside the Galleries. Packed lunches can be eaten in designated areas.
Wheeled cases, sports equipment and large items of luggage are not allowed on British Museum premises.
The British Museum also make security checks of all bags on entry at both front and rear entrances. Please allow sufficient time to clear security to arrive in time for the start of your tour.
You are allowed to take photographs for personal use only and not for commercial or distribution purposes. But please do not obstruct the guide or others in your group, or use a tripod.
NO video or audio recordings of the tour guide and their commentary.
NO recording or posting any of the content online or on social media.
These rules are a strict requirement for legal reasons, we hope you can respect that.
Our admin team is very small and therefore we try to reduce to a minimum the number of emails we receive, so if your question is answered here please do not email us.
If you cannot find the answer, please email [email protected]
We will reply as soon as possible but this can take a few days. Thank you for your patience.
Zoom tour of the British Museum
Interior shot of the British Museum
Cyrus Cylinder on display by virtual tour of the British Museum
Leopard resting on the branch of a tree