British Library
How the Bible Came To Us

The ultimate Bible Tour - see some very rare Bibles!

This 40-minute tour looks at early manuscripts, scrolls and Bible teaching aids; most of them very famous indeed... usually on display are the Siniaticus, Wycliffe, Tyndale, and Gutenberg original bibles, early Hebrew codex with vowel points, early hand-painted colour teaching aids, Beatles original lyrics on scrap paper, Beethoven, Elgar, Bach and others original scores, Jane Austen original works, LIndisfarne Gospels, items relating to Magna Carta.. and much more!
Our guides are mostly pioneers or elders; please show them your appreciation in the usual way. Also available as a free self-guided tour, booked with any British Museum tour.

Only now available as a self-guided tour, free with any British Museum booking with us.

London Bible tour book

An early Christian full-colour book!

British Library Gutenberg Bible

A real rare Gutenberg Bible.