Explore the museum and city with an experienced local JW guide

This tour begins in the British Museum with a Bible Tour, then a walking city tour, ending with a boat ride on the Thames!

If you would like to book this in-person tour, please email us here and we would be happy to make arrangements.

This special 3 part tour is a great way to spend time with brothers and sisters for a whole day in London together. Often we have lunch together too depending on the cirumstances.

In part one, we will enjoy a 90 minute version of the Grand Tour, considering origins of false beliefs and proof of the Bible's accuracy. This has proved to be a great way to start the day before moving on to the next section of this exciting tour.

In part two, we usually take a bus or walk (weather dependent) to Trafalgar square, then we walk down The Mall to see Buckingham Palace and St James Park, followed by a short walk to Parliament Square and Westminster.

This area of the city is filled with history and your guide will give you a well researched commentary throughout the day, but we are also here to help you take all those holiday pictures and enjoy your trip!

In part three, we take a large cruising boat from Westminster to Tower Bridge. You can sit outside or inside this boat as we enjoy another guided commentry from the river, as we go past many famous buildings such as Shakespeare's Globe and the Tower of London.

We really hope to see you soon and take you around the city. This is the perfect option if you want a stress free experience in London, we take care of all the planning and tickets.

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