easy walking tour in the city centre

Walking and sitting amidst the main sights of London.

This tour is in easy-to-manage sections, tailored to your available time and energy (minimum approx 1 mile [=2500 metres]; maximum about 3500 metres, all level). Please let us know well in advace though if you are not good at walking, and we can plan accordingly. Trafalgar Square, The Mall, Pall Mall, St James Park, Parliament Square, Buckingham Palace, and extended optionally with a discounted Thames boat trip, visits to the Tower of London, Greenwich, Covent Garden or the British Library (virtually no walking in the Library; high quality wheelchairs are usually available free at most museums, also portable canvas stools). It can also be part of our "Full City Tour" which is generally about 10.30am - 3pm which includes a 1-hour "Bible Highlights of the British Museum" Bible tour at 10.30am if you wish, and then travel together to the walking tour start, and followed afterwards by the brilliant Thames boat trip.

What does the name "London" mean? Which King was executed as a traitor to England? What is significant about the number of horses hoofs on the ground on a statue? Why is the Mall coloured red, and dead straight? Which part of London was paid for by docking the Army's wages by one day's pay? How did the Royals get up onto their horses? Which is the true Royal Palace (of four that you will see? Where does a tunnel go, from beneath Buckingham Palace? How did Margaret Thatcher become a member of a Gentlemen's Club? Whats the difference between a coot and a moorhen? What can you feed the birds and squirrels on? What connections are there between our Royals and Germany? Why did a poor farmer get buried in Westminster Abbey? Why must the monarch not be a Catholic? Which building hosted the first UN General Assembly? Why is Big Ben invisible from the street? What are the words to the Big Ben tune on the hour? How is it impossible to lose the key to Number Ten Downing Street?

London Bible Tour

Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, The Mall, St James Gardens, Parliament areas featured in detail in this tour, along with many other surprising features.