If you or a friend is struggling to afford the price of the tour, please get in touch by email and we are happy to try and make special arrangements.

Bible Tours have offered in-person tours in the museum for many years, and in early 2020 we created virtual tours. Many friends around the world quickly started to spread the word about our tours and it has been a pleasure to meet thousands of brothers and sisters every week.

Ideally we would like to offer the tours completely for free, but as we are providing these tours to many people and have done so for a long time, we have to be registered as a limited company here in England, which obviously brings with it many other expenses. (Romans 13:1).

There is a small fee for our virtual tours of a few pound (£GBP) per connection. This is to make it as cheap as possible for friends all over the world to join the tours, as it is still only a few pound for an entire family to join. We were actually able to lower the price in 2020 once more tours were being conducted, which we are very happy about.

We also keep all of our groups small, to around 30 connections per tour, so that we can have interactive and upbuilding tours, of a high quality.

We want to be transparent with the costs associated with running our virtual tours, so if you are interested you can see a detailed list as follows:

  • 20% government tax
  • 10% (approx.) booking and payment processing fees
  • Zoom accounts (many pro business accounts, the last annual bill was over £4,000)
  • Purchasing copyright permissions for tour visuals
  • Business insurance (a legal requirement for us, over £1000)
  • Accountancy and other legal expenses
  • Guide support
  • Museum support
  • Website costs
  • Email and database hosting
  • Other UK taxes such as data protection (ICO)
  • Currency conversion fees
  • Design software for the tours and visuals

We also cover the cost of the tour for those in special full time service and our Brothers and Sisters who cannot afford the fee.

As you can see, unfortunately it costs us many thousands of pounds every month just to operate these tours, and that excludes any payments to the guides or admin team.

Bible Tours is not a business trying to make large profits. We hope this helps make our viewpoint clear. Please know that we want as many people as possible to experience our tours.

We hope to see you soon!

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