Every year we welcome over 10,000 people on our tours in London, most are Jehovah’s Witnesses.  This takes many hours of organisation every week by our admin team who communicate with the guides so the tours can run smoothly.

Unlike many tour companies, whose guides are paid in tips alone, we follow the Scriptural principle that "the worker is worthy of his wages" and pay all our guides for any work they do. In addition to that, the guides keep the entirety of whatever tips they are given.

The payment for the tour is used for the following:

  • Equal pay to the guides involved in your tour
  • Support to the museum
  • Research and development of new and existing tours
  • Website maintenance and update costs
  • Booking processing fees
  • Small admin cost for the organisation of the tours
  • Other costs that are part your tour (such as the boat in the ‘Full City Tour’)
  • Tickets for anyone in special full time service
  • Many government taxes (Romans 13:1)

Bible Tours is not a business trying to make large profits. All of our guiding and admin team are Jehovah's Witnesses, and most are pioneers. Meet the team.

We spend a minimum of around £5000 every month to run the tours and with your payment for the tour we are able to continue offering this wonderful experience to many from all over the world.

It is also worth keeping in mind that we offer some of the least expensive tours in London for the length and features included. JW tours in most museums all over the world such as the MetArt have a cost.

We hope to see you on one of our tours soon. See our tours.