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Any donation made will allow you access to episodes 1-5 of our Live Safari and the Director's Cut. You will be able to watch these episodes at a time convenient for you, you will be given access to these videos on YouTube for the next 3 months after your kind donation to make these tours possible.

There is approximately 8 hours of edited Safari to enjoy, with professional guiding commentary from our Brother and guide Jono. You will also be able to enjoy the question and answer sessions, and new bonus footage that has never been seen before. With over 20 years experience in Kruger National Park, South Africa, you will be amazed to learn of Jehovah's creation from your guide in this way.

To get access please make a donation using the link above, and email to tell us you would like access, you will also need to provide the email address of the YouTube account you would like to use to watch these episodes. We really hope to hear from you soon.


The live tours are very expensive for us to produce unfortunately. However thanks to your generous support we will be able to continue making more, we want all to enjoy the tours, which is why there is no minimum donation or price. If you would like to donate to make these documentaries possible please use the donate link: We really appreciate your kindness.

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Live Safaris are already available in English, German and Spanish. Please email us if you would like to watch any of them. We are also happy to announce that more episodes will be made available in German, and other languages too in the future. For more details about those special events, please see the following webpages:

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