English Group Request (15+ connections)

Thank you for your interest in making a large group booking (for 15 or more connections) for a virtual tour.

This request is only for The Bible Highlights Tour in English or The Truth Will Set You Free Tour in English.

  • You need a minimum of 15 connections (devices) for a group booking. All other tour themes and any small group or individual bookings should be made through our regular booking system only.
  • Usually, we limit each tour group to approximately 30 connections so that everyone can participate and enjoy a high quality tour. However, we are able to make exceptions to this general rule on request.
  • We cannot guarantee being able to offer a tour on a specific date, but we will do our best to find you an available tour that matches your preferences, or is as close as possible.
  • You can request any time between 8am (08:00) and 8pm (20:00), but please be aware that the times given are UK time GMT. You may wish to consult a time converter.
  • There is a much larger waiting list for weekend tours.
  • Due to very high demand, there will be a few weeks waiting time before we can offer you a date for your tour. Thank you for your patience.
  • Please note that there is an essential £3 admin fee per connection which covers some basic admin and running costs, but none of our guiding team are paid.

  • Group Booking Request Form: