Please see a list of frequently asked questions below:

When you book online you should receive a confirmation by email immediately. Then, no later than 12 hours before your tour start time, you will receive the zoom login details by email.
Please check the spam or junk folder in your email first. If you still cannot find it, please email [email protected]. (Please do not wait until the last minute to contact us regarding this as we might not see your email in time).
Please check the spam or junk folder in your email first, you should have received an email with a confirmation after booking online. If you still cannot find it, please email [email protected].
Please avoid last-minute cancellations if possible. If you need to cancel or reschedule the date or time of your tour, please email [email protected]. We will do our best to arrange something for you depending on the availablility.
Please email us with the details and we can cancel the spaces to free them up for someone else to use. Unfortunately the booking fees are non-refundable.
To add connections, you could try and book the extra connections/people online as a separate booking. You can then email us with the booking references and we can ensure that you are all on the same tour together.
If it shows as ‘FULL’, you can email us with your request and we will endeavour to fulfil these requests where possible. Please remember to allow us plenty of time to respond to your email.
This means all our tours are full. We are constantly adding new dates, so please try again later. We apologise if you have to wait.
The online booking system and your email confirmation will display the tour time usually in UK time. It is important that you check what time this is for you in your own time zone before you book. Click here for help.
There are no rules, but we ask everyone to maintain a dignified Christian conduct by dressing in a respectful manner.
There is a small admin fee per connection which covers the costs associated with the booking system, admin team, zoom costs, taxes, etc.  Our guides are volunteers and are not paid.
The cost is in GBP (£), which is similar to Euros and Dollars. You can check the exchange rate by clicking here.
Most of our tours cost just £3 per connection.
You are welcome to do so. Before the tour you will receive your guide's personal PayPal link. (This is contained in the email with the Zoom login details). You can a make voluntary tip if you choose, however there is no obligation to do this.
Please email us with your guide's name if you did not get the details you need, or if you do not have a PayPal account.
The Truth Will Set You Free click here for details.
The Bible Highlights Tour click here for details.
The Kids Tour click here for details.
Africa Safari Tour click here for details.
More themes are coming soon! You can keep up to date on Instagram @bibletours, or this website.
Most of our tours are one hour but the exact details are listed on the booking page of each tour. In addition to this, at the end of each tour there is time for questions, comments and association. There is no obligation to stay for this or to take part.
Our tours are interactive and we love spending time with you. For this reason we have limited the number of people who can participate to approximately 30 connections. This way everyone can participate if they wish and there is a wonderful opportunity to converse with each other personally which is not possible in large groups that other groups offer.
The only tours that can be booked for large groups by special request are the Bible Highlights Tour and The Truth Will Set You Free, you can place your request online here.
At the moment, all other tours (including kids and safari) can only be booked using the reservation system online, although there is nothing to stop you booking many slots yourself for your entire group.
No. Unfortunately we have no ability for waiting lists currently. However you can follow our Instagram account (@bibletours) or subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news of slot releases, new tours and languages etc.
No. Sadly due to the COVID pandemic we do not feel it is safe to offer physical tours at the moment. We will continue to review this and may start physical tours again in 2021.
We offer many languages and hope to feature more soon. Please click this link to see the list.
A connection is a device logged in to the Zoom meeting. Devices do not need to be in the same place. They could be in different rooms or different continents.
As many as you like, as long as they sit together in the same household. People need to be in the same location on one device. We suggest no more than 5 people as it is very hard to interact, but this is not a strict rule.
NO streaming to extra people via FaceTime/Social Media/YouTube etc.
NO recording or posting any of the content online or on social media. However you can take personal notes for your own use.
These rules are a strict requirement for legal reasons, we hope you can respect that.
Our admin team is very small and therefore we try to reduce to a minimum the number of emails we receive, so if your question is answered here please do not email us.
If you cannot find the answer, please email [email protected]
We will reply as soon as possible but this can take a few days. Thank you for your patience.
Zoom tour of the British Museum
Interior shot of the British Museum
Cyrus Cylinder on display by virtual tour of the British Museum
Leopard resting on the branch of a tree