British Museum Bible tours
Britain's greatest museum builds faith in the Bible

British Museum Bible tours by very experienced guides who are Jehovah’s Witnesses | examining the most significant artefacts.

‘Bible Tours’ (London's Bible tour team) offer you a very popular range of British Museum tours presented by JW guides who are mostly pioneers or appointed brothers, all are local Jehovah’s Witnesses. Most Bible tours are in English, but we have guides for many other languages too. See the weekly schedule here.

Current themes for our British Museum tours include : “Grand Tour of the British Museum” (the most popular), “Bible Highlights of British Museum”, “Origin of Christendom’s Beliefs”, “Origin of Writing & Language”. Just click the relevant link to the left of this text, for further detail on each of these JW tours. Some of the tours are presented only for groups of 10 or 15 or more. Colossal statues and intricate carvings from Egypt, clay tablets and cylinders from the royal courts of Babylon, and scores of other artefacts fortify our faith in God's inspired word, the Bible.

Clay tablets and cylinders from the royal courts of Babylon are just some of the cultural material confirming the accounts of Bible writers Daniel, Ezra and others - and which fortify our faith in God's inspired word, the Bible.

Precious gold jewellery and garb from Ur demonstrate the material temptations that could have kept Abraham and his family from following Jehovah's direction if they had not kept their focus on spiritual matters - and show us the benefit of not imitating the materialistic ways of the world today. “Grand Tour of the British Museum” is every Tuesday, Thuersday and Saturday. Our other tours are intended for larger groups of 15 people or more. The "Grand Tour" is also available in many other languages

Our experienced JW tour guides will help you see the connections between these ancient artefacts and your worship of Jehovah today. With vivid descriptions and well-researched explanations, they use the Bible to bring these timeworn stones to life so that you can recall their valuable lessons for years to come. Note that there is reassuring security around the museum in response to the severe level of terror alert in all of Britain.

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  • british museum artefacts used by bible tours

    Top: Sekhmet with Crux Ansata
    it.1 p.975 & p.976

    Below: Cyrus Cylinder
    g 11/07 p.18 ¶22

    london JW bible tour group